Outwell Tents – Families Need Space

Camping holidays are a boon to parents, as relaxed as a campsite it won’t come to the most other holidays. The children can find easily other playmates, can enjoy themselves all day in the fresh air, are on a secure site and there are usually a variety of recreational activities for children and adults. Dreamy! Well, that’s one side. The other side , however, shows that a camp in holiday can be too stressful, when the family has too little space. If the luggage stacks, too many people in a cabin must stay and when it rains, then schiefhängt the blessing.

That’s why it is particularly important that the tents be enough space. As families grow only in the course of time, a tent but is purchased at any given time, Outwell® has developed a series which takes account of precisely these needs.

Outwell® superior grows

Formally, this series is programmed to increase, because the main tent, various cabins can be grown depending on the needs. At each entrance, new areas can be connected via a zipper. Be it, that you need an extra bedroom, a kitchen, storage, or just a side cabin. With the Outwell® superior, you can extend your tent exactly according to your wishes. Inside a sewn groundsheet protects against vermin and moisture. Large ventilation openings provide the necessary fresh air, which is an important aspect in the summer and many people around in the tent to feel. Also the standing headroom is beneficial, so that you can move easily. A combination of steel and glass fibre rods to increase the stability of the big tent. You can find the exact details of this tent here.

Outwell® privilege family tents for the weekend

You are only Campingeinsteiger or like to travel at the weekend, then the new tent collection privilege is the right choice for you. Because these tents have the appropriate facilities and thereby easily and quickly can be built up. The Duratec linkage reduces the overall weight, while the patented Outwell® wind stabilizer system provides the necessary stability. In addition, are all tents are from Outtex®, a special material, which convinces with a water column 3000 mm. The series is available in three different versions: Amarillo, Whitecove and Rockwell. Also here you can buy for your tent extensions (except for Rockwell). You can find more information here.

The manufacturer Outwell® knows best in family camping. The products will be tested by test families and get on the market only if the quality standards are met. The tent series Outwell® superior and Outwell® privilege show innovative tent developments for the needs of families. McTREK wishes you a relaxing family holiday.