Outdoor Shoes

Boots are rugged women’s shoes , which in addition to a non-slip sole also water resistant outer material.Since in the 80s leisure activities in the great outdoors including hiking, climbing or cycling, for many were interesting again, this brought the development of outdoor shoes on a large scale ahead with great speed. Boots today range from children’s shoes up to the special climbing shoe and the market offers ample selection of brand quality. Women’s shoes are available in the range, for example, as boots, trekking sandals or walking shoes.

Labels of outdoor shoes

The hit among the labels for outdoor slippers in the middle and upper price segment are safe Ecco, Geox and Merell , although the list to be exhaustive of course omitted. As in other areas of shoemaking came off the classic leather from the unique even in the outdoor shoes new, innovative materials. GoreTex and special plastic mixtures are as much for raw material such as natural even quality leathers.

Comfort and safety of women’s outdoor shoes

Sole assembly and side as heel shaft are designed so that the foot at the highest possible ride comfort together with appropriate safety is offered. Especially ankle boots protect the women’s legs in hiking on uneven terrain from injuries caused by twisting. The water-repellent material ensures even in muddy and rain soaked substrates for dry feet, which not only would be campers, but also mothers whose children play in the garden and on playgrounds. Depending on the operation of the market provides universal outdoor shoes as well as special designs, which are adapted not only to the type of operation, but also the climatic conditions. Outdoor shoes for women but there is not only a classic shoes or boots, but as sandals, as trainers or slippers.