Organized Room and Organized Life

Hangers and racks are found in various formats.

A well decorated house loses all the charm if the rooms are messy, is not it? Accessories such as hangers and racks are great examples of wildcard parts that help you organize and make even the most practical environments. Knowing the importance of these aids, we separated the characteristics of parts and provides with unbeatable prices. Enjoy!


Are to store t-shirts, shirts, pants, skirts, are to organize ties, belts and bags, the hangers can not miss in your wardrobe or closet. They are found with different amounts of media and have varying widths and heights so you can purchase the accessory in the most appropriate size for your space. To match the decor, select from acrylic versions, plastic, steel or wood. There are also several colors and models in children’s classes, adult, rotating, multi-function, among others.


These accessories are key in organizing rooms, bedrooms and home offices. Comprising different amounts of hooks – one to eight-, the racks may be installed on walls, doors and cabinets, and have overlapping applications (hanging) or screwing.

At the time of purchasing the product, keep an eye on capacity, ranging from 3 to 903 kilograms.

To keep the room organized and stylish, opt for recreational models that children available version, such as animals, princesses, ball and cart.

Now it’s easy to organize your closet and wardrobe!