OPI Nail Polish Collections 2016

Glazes are the allure of a good part of women. But do they know even choose? There are so many brands and colors on the market that there are those who take all, and others are lost when you can not take everything. A good glaze is also part of the result of a good enameling, so the suggestion to buy Enamels OPI is a good choice.

OPI Nail Polish Collections 2016

Enamels OPI not have much time in Brazil. They became popular in 2012, when bloggers discovered the brand of imported glazes became a fever here and the main shops are already selling the product. Not the cheapest, but it is successful because each color cast is the result of a major study of global trends. It is common to see Enamels OPI nail gracing the catwalks models, size is the size of the brand.

he differential of Enamels OPI are good length and be very creamy. Some people prefer the two layers, but only one is enough for the color is very viscous. It also has a pleasant smell, which is not even perfume, but it is a good tip for those who do not like the strong aroma when the bottle is opened. There are hypoallergenic defined on www.foodezine.com, so be careful in their use. The brand also does not have a care line, only the basic and good glazes and glossy base.

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Prices Enamels OPI

Even as a glaze matter, the OPI is not the jars nail the most expensive. Your average price is R $ 30, reaching a maximum of R $ 40, even in newly released collections. The price is not that into account compared to a national production costing R $ 4 only, but it is the most beloved of fashion means. Its price in relation to enamel Mac, for example, is well into account the case that costs $ 30 less.

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Where to Buy Enamels OPI?

Buy Enamels Opi in Brazil is not complicated, but it’s not simple. The high value, the most popular shops do not sell the item, but some provide the known as the Sephora, the site of the US (in physical stores only in South and Southeast) and Dafiti.

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OPI Nail Enamels

The brand has a color chart with over a thousand shades, some unpublished in the fashion universe, and why are so successful. The most striking colors of OPI are:

The Man With The Gold Gun – this is certainly the most intense golden glaze you’ve seen in life.Its satin gold finish and extremely reminiscent of the gold and so was one of the glazes that more rocked in past walkways.

Collection Brazil – no one has not honored fashionable colors of the Brazilian flag, and this brand already loved by Brazilian would be no different. The big difference is tones with glitter, more intense than most of the colors released here in honor of the World Cup.

Isn’t That Precious? – Pink enamel always looks good from time to time, and this color is a very cool and fun retro pink. It is a good tip for those who love a romantic and basic look and goes with everything.

Makes Men – the theory of Enamels OPI is that men love women with roses enamels and angelic tones. This color is bright with satin finish and delicate super, providing a great base enameling or serving as a basis for decorated nails .

Minnie – this enamel rose pink is so intense that you will not find in a similar competition. The color is strong and a great tip for those who want to differentiate in Visual Basic.