Of Course, the Application Creates Poster with Social Networking Photos

The buzzword for the course is to share. And as social networks have been made ​​in order to share what is best among your friends (or not), she went headlong into the game and launched the course moments .

The application is simple: it accesses your photo album of Facebook or Orkut (or both at the same time, if you want), capture the photos you choose (the ideal is 40 pictures) and then organizes them randomly in a kind mosaic.

Then the system processes the assembly and notifies you by email when the poster is ready. I set up one here with an old album that I had on my Orkut. Look at the result:

If you liked and want to have a poster of these hanging your room, take a chance. The course will send free 10 1000/1 posters generated by the application. The size we still do not know (I’m waiting for my coming! Hehehe) but it seems to be fairly large, since the application recommends that the photos are at least 300 dpi.

Get the free course Moments and create your poster!