Not Followed People Messages May Even Appear in the Timeline of Twitter

The elimination of dead images is not the only news that Twitter has in store for this week. The company also confirmed that its users will find tweets not follow people in your timeline. Apparently, the novelty is linked to the recent experiment that displays messages “Faved” as retweets.

The confirmation did not occur via official statement, as usual, but from an update on Twitter Support section. The English version of this page began to display the following warning (in translation):

“Moreover, when we identify a tweet, a profile to be followed or another popular or relevant content, we can add it to your timeline. This means that occasionally you’ll see tweets accounts that you do not follow. (…) Our goal is to make your history be even more relevant and interesting. ”

Until then the same page only signaled to the possibility of the display sponsored Twitter messages, relevant content or retweets of people followed by the user.

The update is discreet and should not cause great impact on the user experience of the social network. Moreover, some troubles are expected. In the case of tests that display tweets tagged as favorites by the contacts, there is the risk of the user come across messages from people whom he does not want to receive information.

It can also be uncomfortable “favoritar” a message or start following a profile and without delay find that all his followers were informed of the action through automated tweets.

The change must happen gradually, starting with users who use Twitter in English. So far, almost all the tweets “intruders” were noted in accounts in this language.

Despite the controversy, silence reigns on Twitter. The company gave no explanation on the matter to date.