Nokia N900 Combines Netbook And Mobile Linux-Based

The Nokia N900 is actually from the NetBook development by Nokia and “can also make a call“. This saying came as a little joke, the new Nokia Smartphone was presented.

Nokia N900 Combines Netbook And Mobile Linux-Based

Actually it can much more than a mobile phone and has probably just barely the size with a traditional phone in common-so it has roughly the dimensions of the previous Nokia before flagship N97model. Of the innards here, the Nokia N900 is clearly a NetBook. The operating system of the N900 is based on the Flavor of Linux maemo 5.

Video ‘ review: Nokia N900 Smartphone in the chip-test:

The Nokia N900 is Capable of multitasking and can run just a variety of programs at the same time. So the mobile must never again without user on his favorite music, if he wants to read his emails on the phone.

Another special feature of the Nokia smartphones is the bringing together of various applications such as phone, email and chat clients à la Skype. As seen on his contact, for example, if he has ‘Not available’ enabled in Skype just the mode and then also know that now also better not call him on the phone. Also, all conversations are summarized in “Talks”, no matter what medium they were led.

The facilities of the Nokia N900 leaves hardly needs: faster mobile technology (HSPA+), WiFi, Bluetooth, radio; 5-megapixel camera with Zeiss lens and Flash.

As of January, the N900 in Austria and 2 other test markets on the market will be. But the NokiaSmartphone is probably only the beginning of a trend which has announced some time ago-themobile displaced increasingly other technologies (we reported) and integrated more and more functions into one device. A legend eggs wool milk sow with antenna, so to speak.