No, Google Not Removed Support for Miracast in The Nexus to Sell More Chromecasts

Long time Android is compatible with Miracast, a standard shared by other manufacturers of devices and hug for strategic alliances as the WiFi Alliance. A universal protocol that allows us to send content from one device to another easily. A few years ago it sounded like the great hope to put order to the connection between mobile, tablet or the computer and television. It is still there on various devices and platforms but the reality is that it did not complete all Jell.

If you have a new Nexus (5 X or 6 p) probably you’ve noticed that the option of sending screen through Miracast has been removed. This function has not disappeared from Android since Marshmallow continues to present in AOSP. The point is that Google has not decided to incorporate it into these two devices and that has made some Internet users to wonder why Google has decided to take this decision.

Groundless conspiracy theories

The function of sharing screen with Miracast is gone in the new Nexus. It is true, now we can do it through this Protocol but through Chromecast It is a proprietary technology of Google which, as we have seen in our analysis, works very well to send video or see the screen of the cell phone directly on the television or monitor. In fact, because so little that is worth (39 euro is its official price) is one recommended purchase.

The problem with Chromecast as protocol is that it is closed: a device of this type we have or we have to endure. Leave out a standard as Miracast is one task both by the fact of reducing functions to eliminate from the equation a solution that works without the need for Internet connection. Chromecast it is necessary that there is a wireless network connected to the outside so that we can send content.

Why Google does this? Complaints on the Internet about this decision are many, even on official support forums but nowhere Mountain View have given an official response. This lack of communication has led some to believe evil and they believe that there are a few dark intentions by this company. With what aim? To sell more Chromecast, of course.

Some conspiracy theories claim that the Elimination of Chromecast on the Nexus means a way of selling more HDMI accessories made by Google and thus get to drive sales. The problem with this argument is that not held by itself for several reasons. The most obvious is the lack of evidence: is there a relationship showing that Google does this for sell Chromecast? Delete the option of the Nexus is not reason enough to believe it. Having it deleted from AOSP and avoid third-party Android do, Yes.

Let’s not kid ourselves either: the Nexus are brand new smartphones but none of them is a best seller. If Google really wants to leave side Miracast you should try it in a different way, not with a few phones that are very dear but does not contribute much to the volume of sales of Android devices. During the Nexus have been sold with a gift Chromecast, not only at the official store of Google but through retail chains as MediaMarkt e.g..

Last, but not least: Google is entitled to do what give you the win with their Nexus. If we think that they have some kind of responsibility to the platform and Yes, but no mistake: Nexus devices are not pure Android. It is understood by Google Android. The more “natural” experience is AOSP, the foundations upon which any manufacturers of smartphones or tablets works to make its corresponding ROM.

There is solution anyway… make root

If the arguments that I do not convince you, don’t worry. You can still use Miracast in your new Nexus. The only thing you have to do is rootearlo and then edit the build.prop and add the line persist.debug.wfd enable = 1 “. As we have described above, the Miracast option is still present, Google just happened to activate it in these devices.