Nexus Prime, Could Have 4.65 Inches without Increasing Total Size

Already warned that a measure that exacted the date of the launch of Google and Samsung event with Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus Prime more and best rumors would appear. In this case it is more a deduction relating to the supposed dimensions of the screen of Prime Nexus, that it is considering the possibility of getting to the 4.65 inches.

While the Nexus S screen is 4 inches and already seems to us to be acceptable, see the new screens of the Samsung Galaxy S II of us reaching the 4.65 inches seems to us a very substantial change to elders. The problem of this is that it is generating some debate between for the benefit of a large screen, its real utility in day to day and, above all, the handicap that would be for many the so-called loss of comfort by the increase of the total size of the terminal.

The case is that, as could be seen in some of the leaks, the new Nexus Prime with Ice Cream Sandwich would be an important change in buttons, keeping the buttons on-screen inherited system of Honeycomb. With this reasoning, that are arising in the Reddit forums, There would be no need for the traditional lower touch pads, which to date have been employed by all phones, although some manufacturers have also replaced them by physical buttons. Just see the following illustration to understand the approach.

As you can see, the current Samsung Galaxy S II international version has a screen of 4.3 inch. Following the reasoning, having buttons in Honeycomb-style screen the lower area for the physical buttons, would be unnecessary so the screen could gain in length.

We must remember that the inches are calculated by measuring the distance between corners diagonally, so add to that small increase minimum width increased, would be that the screen came until the 4.65 inches rumoreadas, all without any need to expand the overall size of the terminal. If so, they would get a total consensus among the users who demand a big screen and those who prefer a not too large terminal.

Not be what will you think but to me this approach has seemed to me very reasonable. Either way yet we will have to wait a few weeks to find out, if not before started to appear more leaks about the topic.