Nextbit Smartphone Doubles His Kickstarter Goal

Nextbit is an exciting new smartphone with a focus on direct Cloud integration, it performs right now excellent on Kickstarter.

Nextbit has for some time made Cloud-based software, but is with a Kickstarter campaign skipped out of a hardware adventure named Nextbit Robin.

Nextbit Robin is a mobile phone with an integrated Cloud OS built on Android Marshmellow. The idea is to have a deep integration with “cloud” so that we never have to think about what data we have stored where.

The phone tries to learn what you use most frequently, and can automatically move the data (images, applications, with more) as rarely used, out in the cloud. These discarded items can always be brought back anturligvis from the cloud with a single click.

Nextbit therefore takes a somewhat different approach to the Cloud-based services than the mainstream manufacturers, but supposedly it is something that attracts attention on Kickstarter. In just half a day, they were to guard the 500,000 dollars which was the original goal of the Kickstarter campaign, now has the rounded one million dollars and therefore throws a quick charger with in the package for those who book.

Nextbit comes with a Snapdragon processor, 3 GB RAM, 808 32 GB of internal memory (100 GB in the cloud), 5.2 inch screen, 8 megapixel camera (5 on the front), 2680 mAh battery and dual front-facing speakers.

It will here in Denmark cost button 3,000.0-bucks to buy Nextbit which are expected to be delivered until February next year.