Newborn Baby

Silver or gold bath, in pink or blue quartz ring Newborn Baby signed Villa Francesca is a wonderful gift for new mothers or expectant mothers.

The mothers know that indescribable emotion is the birth of a child. A mixture of tenderness, love and pride, dutifully to celebrate. And even to wear, thanks to the collection of Newborn Baby rings made ​​by Francesca Villa.

Silver or gold bath, in the model in rose quartz for the birth of a girl and blue for the birth of a boy. Both adorable, with microform the press of a vintage pram with a lot of (Babyinger) heart, magnified thanks to the cut in cabochon.

A very precious thought, and a gift for new mothers or expectant mothers -and a little ‘for the newborn , infants or unborn, the’ring Francesca Villa signed, further proof of inspiration, originality and creativity of the designers of the Queen jewels born from found objects, from travel, from (and for) memories. Those by the charm a little ‘retro, taste homemade and a bit bohemian, with sophisticated and ironic, that each would want in his small chest.

Price NewBorn Baby ring: € 380