New Police-App on the Way

Users have embraced the application Police, which is now on the road in an improved version.

After well over a year in the various app stores, is the national police force’s app Police were evaluated. Users have embraced the application, there has been three to four stars in the rating and is downloaded over 170,000 times, writes the Danish Police.

We are well satisfied with a rating, which corresponds to the character means for good,” said Police Inspector Jørn Lover from National Prevention Centre.

By application right at your fingertips, can predict the citizens police about suspicious circumstances and second they think police should have knowledge of.

It is also possible to check the chassis number on a bike, so it is more secure, if you have to buy a used bike.

The evaluation has shown that the police receive about 40 tips a day through the application, and 4-500 times a day will be a chassis number on a bicycle controlled.

Already in November was to be a new version of the Police be ready for download in the app stores. The new version also includes new features that have been to on the basis of feedback from users. Exactly what features will the police however, not out with yet:

We have not come to the stage yet where it can be tested, so that is why I will not promise anything that might not be able to become a reality,” says Jørn Lover.