New Peach Printer Cartridge Compatible with Canon CLI-526 and PGI525PGBK

Yesterday, the first delivery of the brand new peach ink cartridges for the Canon PIXMA IP4850, MG5120, MG5150, MG5220, MG5250, MG6120, MG6150, MG8120 and MG8150 finally came printer. As we have already reported, the new Canon PIXMA differ cartridges only on the chip and the colour of the Cabinet. Canon developed a new chip encryption and Black colored a previously clear cartridges.

New Peach Printer Cartridge Compatible with Canon CLI-526 and PGI525PGBK


The new chip will prevent the alternative producers from to produce cheap compatible cartridges. The cartridge case was a blackened due to users of refill ink . You can no longer see the black housing, how much ink is still in the cartridge, the previously very simply through a Visual inspection. Now you must make sure after the refill of the cartridge great care whether there is enough ink in the cartridge. You should print several times without ink in the cartridge, this can lead to damage to the print head. A new print head costs about 60, – euro and that would mean a total loss for most printers. Finally give it an IP4850 for approx. 90,-€ and came with a new printer, even 5 new original cartridges are included.

Chip modification of peach cartridge

Now to the positive: from the Swiss manufacturer of cartridge peach there is the first copies of the new Canon CLI-526 and PGI-525PGBK cartridges. The peach cartridges are chip shipped without , and thus you must make once a reconstruction of the chip before printing. That sounds now more complicated than it is in reality. Dissolve the chip of the original cartridge just Canon and then sets on the device of the peach cartridge. One solves the chip with your finger nail or a knife, by lifting the chip from the bottom. Because the chip only with two little plastic nubs is attached, he can be very easily solved. Then press the loose chip on the two plastic knobs of the peach cartridge. There is No gluing or similar necessary. Thus holds the chip on the cartridge and you can now use the peach cartridge in the printer.

  • Here you will find a PDF Instructions for the chip conversion

Use clear

To the printer or on the monitor an error message will appear soon, which indicates that the ink level in the cartridge can not be determined. It goes on to say: replace the ink tank out. If you want to continue printing with this ink tank, click on “OK”. You must confirm this message by clicking on the OK button. Well, the printer know that you have filled up the cartridge with refill ink or have used just a compatible cartridge . As a next message will appear: it was used a back-filled ink tank. If under these conditions is printed, the printer may be damaged. If you want to continue printing, click “Yes”. In this process the function detecting the level of ink. If the error message an error has already for years crept, actually it should say: to detect the ink level is activated de.

Now it comes to the actual disabling. There, Canon has committed itself once again. You probably already guessed it. The last word in the last sentence mean “disabled”.
Press and hold the “Stop/reset” button for at least 5 seconds. During this process, the function for detecting the ink level is enabled.
Now, press the resume button on the printer until the message disappears. You must keep the key pressed for at least five seconds. Now the level is disabled and no further messages will appear there. Find more information about the deactivation of the ink.

This is the “resume” button on the Canon PIXMA printer.

Should you put an original Canon printer cartridge at a later date, the use is enabled again automatically. With a Chip Resetter is not expected in the near future.

The quality of the peach ink

As Canon to the ink mixture itself has not changed, the ink of the peach predecessor cartridges is also used. This peach ink is beyond any doubt, that we have written at that time as first tested and also. Meanwhile, many magazines have confirmed this. So far, the cartridges were in each test peaks, among others at Stiftung Warentest. ‘ Peach cartridges reach the best compromise for Canon printer ” of quality and price. ” So the conclusion of the Stiftung Warentest.
So, who wants to will reach the best photo quality printer and save even money with his Canon, which should buy this peach cartridge.