New GPS Navigation and Tracking Solutions

GPS Navigation and tracking is becoming more popular and manufacturers adapt to this trend. However, the innovation drive to the part adopts already curious proportions, as the following examples show.


The manufacturer Zanier presented at this year’s ispo with the X Plore.XGX model a tracking solution that integrates directly with a glove. In addition to speed, distance and altitude, the travel time is displayed and stored. Of course, the distance travelled is recorded and one leads back to the starting point if necessary.

The gloves are expected to be available in the fall of 2010 and will cost about 300 euros.


I have been here the ski goggles with a built-in screen and GPS by Recon instruments presented in the blog. The only 15 mm small screen navigation, communication, and retrieving information intended. So you can for example cards show and see where are his friends on the slopes around romp (assuming they goggle also have an Alpine), or display the current speed.

Available is expected to be in the summer/autumn 2010 the ski goggles and should cost around 350 to 450 dollars. There are more pictures and information on the manufacturer’s website.


An interesting, if also show some crazy design study the TomTom navigation flashlight. Instead of a map display on a screen, the handy “flashlight” projected the direction indicators or the card on an arbitrary surface, such as the street or a wall.

A cool concept, but it looks yet something funny when one runs with the flashlight in broad daylight through the town and on the street in front of himself throws light arrows. So the question remains whether a torch manufacturer for this study can be found.