New Collection Kiko

The new collection of Kiko, Midnight Siren, offers a make up the glow of the Moon and metallic highlights to an ethereal yet intriguing look. The skin is smoother and more radiant, eyes deep with a touch of radiance, the lips velvety.

Midnight Siren is the new collection of Kiko meant to look Ethereal and Lunar, full of light and metallic sheen. The complexion is radiant and free of imperfections, smooth skin is sublimated by reflective micro-soft focus effect. Light for eyes that are dressed in bright colors to impact “wet” mind your lips are opaque (velvet).

Let us see the various products in the collection.

Silk Pearl Illuminating Bronzer–EUR 14.90
Ground illuminating with mother of Pearl for a soft focus effect

It is a radiant land, rich in soft focus effect powders that help make your face smoother optically.

The texture, silky powder, although touching the skin melts completely giving a natural complexion and uniform. The pod, with decorations in relief, is made in three shades and color each slice is pretty large enough to be picked up individually. In both of these colours is a cooler Earth, an Earth warmer and an illuminated frosted.

Available in 2 shades:

01 Radiating Honey
02 Irresistible Sienna

Silk Pearl Illuminating Bronzer–EUR 14.90
Ground illuminating with mother of Pearl for a soft focus effect

It is a creamy metallic illuminating on the skin. Contains micronized pigments and pearls which give the complexion a natural glow.

The texture is a cross between a gel and cream, fresh and light remains on the skin, without releasing glitter.

Apply on the strategic points of the face to highlight the volumes.

Available in 2 shades:

01 Twilight Gold
02 Alluring Sand

Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow–EUR 7.90
Brilliant long-lasting eyeshadow with cool effect

The collection is enriched by wonderful 4 shades of eye shadow, an all-metal finish and luminous.

The formula contains a high percentage of water that makes the product very cool during the application.

Easily apply eyeshadows stick shape and are formulated to be faded immediately. After a few moments, in fact, are attached to last all day.

Available in 4 shades:

Glamorous Gold 01
02 Mysterious Chocolate
03 Attractive Plum
04 Glistening Turquoise

Dark Tide Eyeliner–EUR 7.90
Bright long lasting eye pencil

Even the eye pencils in the collection have a long-lasting formula, are also water resistant.
The texture is soft and smooth, is made of wax fluxes for bold lines and rich in pigments.
The packaging of the pencil is designed to accommodate the bottom a handy pocketknife.

Available in 6 shades:

01 Hypnotic Teal
Tempting 02 Violet
03 Intriguing Blue
04 Magnificent Burgundy
05 Darkness Brown
06 Black

Shimmer & shape Eyebrow And Highlighter Pencil–EUR 8.90
Brow defining pencil duo and illuminate the eyebrows

A brow defining pencil duo designed and illuminate the eyebrows.

The stretch for eyebrows has a very natural matte finish while illuminating is more Matt.Eyebrow wax has a long-lasting formula that allows them to stay in working order throughout the day.

Mines are both retractable and need not be hardened.

Available in 3 shades:

01 Light Chestnut and Blonds
02 Auburn and Redheads
03 Dark Chestnut and Brunettes

Matte Muse Lipstick–EUR 6.90
Bright matte finish lipstick silky fluid

The look proposed by Midnight Siren is radiant for face and eyes with a velvet touch on the lips.

Proposed lipsticks have a matte finish that at the same time remains bright.

The formula, long-lasting no-transfer is also to ensure maximum comfort. The texture is very light and when applied on the lips lipstick seems to almost disappear until it was impalpable.

Optically smoothing action while the applicator shape allows you to outline the lips contour with precision.

Available in 6 shades:

Plushy 01 Rose
02 Embellished Peony
03 Enthrall Pink
04 Gaudy Red
05 Haughty Mauve
06 Luxury Sangria

Midnight Siren Face Brush–EUR 16.90
Kabuki brush face powder

To apply the powder on your face evenly, the collection offers a beautiful Kabuki brush.

The soft bristles, and a powder compact, professional writing, picking the right amount of product for every application.

The packaging includes a practical coordinated clutch.

Moonlight Oil Serum–EUR 18.90
Facial oil moisturizing and revitalizing detoxifying ingredients

This is a face serum anti-age effect, designed to revitalize and detoxify the skin.

The texture, light and silky, helps make your skin more radiant, contrasting the typical signs of aging. The formula, rich in natural oils and vitamin E promotes skin elasticity.

The practical packaging with the eyedropper allows an application quickly and easily, without waste.