Need a New Outdoor Digital Camera

After only 2.5 years mine has Olympus µ tough-8000 outdoor camera now arguably the time blessed. After our last vacation I could download still images from the adventure pool of the camera, since it denies the service now however complete. Turn on is no longer. And the just barely 6 months after expiration of the warranty.

Need a New Outdoor Digital Camera

In general the Olympus over the time eh not really convinced me. From the outset, the battery indicator made by even though this comes fresh from the charger, it indicated a nearly empty battery problems. Also the xD card format that Olympus still clung to the time of purchase is more than annoying. The maximum card size is 2 GB, the cards are expensive, and the card slot of my notebooks / Netbooks the xD format could not absorb. Image quality was alright, was outdoor camera typical but not outstanding.

One has made the tough 8000 but excellent: fun! Due the waterproof and robust housing I could do E.g. photos of rafting or adventure bath, where any conventional digital camera would immediately quit the service. And that is the reason why now an outdoor camera must!

Currently, there are some interesting new models, where the outdoor properties actually getting more or less are the same: waterproof up to 10-12 m, shockproof from a height of up to 2 m, break-proof up to a weight of 100 kg, freezeproof to-10 ° C. It is interesting then at other facilities. Is currently an integrated GPS module to geotag of the photos in the trend. Here is important to note that this is a nice feature, but often up to 3 minutes required of the GPS receiver to find a signal for determining position. To in continuous operation of GPS receiver in standby mode of the camera (to not again positioning wait), the battery empties fairly quickly.
What I particularly value, since it often lacks an optical viewfinder compact cameras is a good anti-reflective display with a high resolution. Also, the camera with SD memory card should work, what but now eh is the standard for almost all manufacturers.

An Olympus camera, the new Olympus tough TG-810is one of my favorites it again. Although the Panasonic Lumix tough DMC FP3 and the Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS make a good impression. And even the somewhat older Casio Exilim EX-G1 I had already for a few weeks in use , is still interesting due to their compact dimensions (for an Outdoorkamera). At the moment, everything for which actually speaks Olympus. It has GPS, a large high-resolution display, as well as a good image stabilizer, and now works with SD memory cards. Only a full HD video I miss recording (HD would do it as well). The Olympus is priced somewhat more interesting than E.g. the Panasonic or the Pentax. About image quality, I couldn’t get but still nothing in experience lack of test reports.

I think with my decision I’ll wait fair until after the OutDoor even though I do not suppose there a stand camera to examine an outdoor. Has already one can make of you may experience with any of the above mentioned cameras (or an other Outdoorkamera)?

Hobbyists can by the way my old Olympus µ tough-8000 by the way auction on eBay from 1 euro.