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Discover Naku, a power supply 100% natural and healthy for your dog!

Dog food offers perfect over the years. Scientific advances also allow us to better know and better understand their needs. Among the offers that are worth that we devote a little time, the diet Naku holds a special place. Healthy, tasty meals and transparency on manufacturing processes: I propose you to discover a very convincing results offer!

Naku Vs Classic Kibble Dog Food Manufacturing

The nuggets offered the vet are actually of better quality than those of supermarkets. And yet, they are manufactured in plants in animal standards, according to procedures less virtuous than those governing human food.

The Conventional Processes of Manufacture of the Industrial Dog Food

Indeed, in the manufacturing of dog kibble, the pieces of meat consumption is seldom used. These are the “animal by-products”: the giblets, Gristle, all parts unfit for consumption that are retrieved in slaughterhouses. It goes same for cereals and vegetables announced in the ingredients. Poor in taste and nutrients, these ingredients are being cooked at very high temperatures to kill germs. It’s even diminish the quality of the nutrition!

Finally, to give taste make appetizing kibble for your dog, fat, flavor enhancers and Conservatives are sprayed on food.

Agree, it does not really open the appetite!

The Manufacturing of Power Supply For Dog Naku

Out of this simple observation that if it’s bad for you, it is also for your beloved pooch, Naku fits in opposition to conventional animal food producers.

First of all, these are factories to human standards, so own for human consumption which produce this food. This difference is far from being anecdotal, because at all levels controls are more serious and more sophisticated procedures.

Then, there are no animal by-product or plant in this food. The pieces used are exactly identical to those that you would choose for you to market.


  • In terms of taste, it is a tasty food without it is necessary to involve the flavor enhancers, sugar, or other subterfuge.
  • Nutritionally, they are foods naturally rich in protein, and other nutrients that are essential to our good health, and at the same to that of your pooch!

Finally, food Naku, after having been cut into small pieces are simply dehydrated to a very mild temperatures. They do not lose anything of their qualities so!

The Qualities of the Food Naku

At first glance, we see that it’s “real” food. Colorful and fragrant, there is no mistaking. Once is not custom: the meal of your dog Companion is beautiful and smells wonderful!

In fact, few ingredients are used for each recipe. When you read the list of ingredients, there is no elements that does not have its place in a human plate. Even the fats used are food oils.

There is a huge difference, for your dog:

  • He finds contributions in protein, fiber, vitamins, trace elements he needs, in similar forms and in normal amounts.
  • Finished chemicals that remain stored in his body and cause long-term health problems more or less serious!

Did you know, moreover, that many dogs are allergic to products added on the kibble? This translates into intestinal disorders or extended General fatigue.

The figures speak for themselves:

  • 78% of the dogs with problems of skins or furs see these disappear
  • 82% of the dogs also see an improvement in their digestion

And don’t forget, you can even test his meal ! This is an experience that will change your view to always on the dog food!

Naku Offer

You can easily find products Naku on, along with answers to your questions. And always to give a little bit of leg, get 5% immediate discount on your first order with the coupon below :-)!

Several Recipes

As often in pet food, you have different plans adapted to the age or State of health of the dog. At Naku, 5 recipes are proposed, for young dog, sensitive stomach, weight control, etc. For each, the list of ingredients to check that the meal is suitable to the needs and tastes of your pooch.

Finally, remember that you can add your own ingredients if you want to complete the dish!

Naku Commodity Prices

Naku diets are a little more expensive than the average. This is normal since the selected ingredients are of better quality.

However, Naku strives, by selling its products through the internet, to reduce middlemen, so you know, when you buy a box, that it is the product and the product you pay!

In addition, to allow you to discover the product, 3 formats are offered, with a price of appeal of €26 for 2, 5 kg. If you are seduced, opt instead for large formats, as for € 82 10kg, you make a deal!

Give Your Opinion on Naku Feeding For Dog

Your dog is fed with Naku? What do you think of their quality? The price? Different ranges?

Feel free to testify further down in the comments to inform other pups on the pros and cons of feeding Naku!

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