Nails Opi “DS Jewel”

Yesterday I felt like finally again on nail painting – somehow this is always such a thing… In any case I used yesterday finally a varnish, I bought a while ago about → my forum , but as a result of its opacity only again and again have left. The speech is of

OPI – “DS Jewel”
Designer series collection

  • 1 coat ‘Fill The Gap’ (essie)
    • 3 coats “DS jewel” (OPI)
    • 1 coat “good to go” (essie)

Order & opacity:As already mentioned, this coating needs several layers. A he is in itself quite sheer weirdly spotty, since he is (rather dark base with shimmer), you need at least two coats. But even with two layers, it is not perfect, because some places are not opaque enough – so a third must be, which perfected the result completely. Otherwise, the consistency is good, works in the moment something arg liquid, what fits to the opacity, but it copes well.

Dry season:With “good to go” about 25-30 minutes.

Color:What more looks at the first layer after glittering dirt, developed at multiple layers to a beautiful Brown stitch-dark red with silver and pink, fine glitter. The color looks very classy, of course especially well suits the season and is an absolute eye-catcher – I would say one of the most beautiful colors of my collection! Would I need to discover earlier!

Overall:Despite the fact that you need more layers (and thus also more drying time), this is a beautiful lacquer, which I would buy at any time (Luckily, but something in the vial is!). Unfortunately, this is such a thing with buying with DS varnishes (hard to get and then also still enjoy overpriced…), but if you have the opportunity – strike!

Purchase recommendation: Yes. Especially nail decoration now in the autumn at!