Nail Polish Sets

Talk about nail polish has become increasingly difficult especially with so many releases that have happened in recent times, and every time a new trend in texture and colors of enamels conquer women worldwide.

But, when we talk about trends and glazes that really marked the fashion and still causing frisson between the addicted to nail polish the brand Chanel is in first place in the ranking of glazes that are global trends. After all who doesn’t fell in love with the enamel blue whiting Jade Chanel?

The Jade Chanel Nail Polish was and remains a great worldwide success and was the first colored enamel to win consumers who traded neutral tones and nude colored colors and pigments.

Chanel is always throwing fashion for 2010-2011 the news are still going on, the current fashion colors are candy colors and Chanel, the hit of the moment to the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 are glazes in pastels and the novelty of the enamel Riva , which features a baby blue color inspired by the resort of Saint Tropez and its fashionable clientele.

The enamel Riva, Chanel made your first appearance in the parade of the Chanel Cruise Collection 2010/2011 in May. And now in November finally arrives at designer stores.

It is worth remembering that the Edition is limited. So if you want to ensure the your has to be slight and Chase not to let the opportunity pass. Because Chanel collects your nail polish from shelves in the blink of an eye. It is worth noting another launch of Chanel that have made the head of the women and that we talked HERE on the blog is the Chanel Pulsion 547 also in limited edition!