Nail: Nail Art And Semi-Permanent Nail Polish

Progress comes to us for the care of hands and nails with semi-permanent nail polish reconstructions and applications. Even those who gnaws his nails to the bone or just could not grow them, now has the opportunity to show off a perfect manicure! Have always taken care of the hands is not easy, costs great endeavor and above all a lot of money, if then everything our commitment fades the moment when we have the enormous misfortune to loose one, then, give me a peak of hysteria!

Going down into technical details, the reconstruction of gel nails provides for Tip (pieces of plastic that are added to the length of the nail) with a subsequent application of the gel, or simply the latter if you have the luck to have the sufficiently long nails. the price of this luxury decreased over the years and obviously vary from city to city, but in any case are substantial enough: the first reconstruction may cost from EUR 40 to 100, while for remodeling from 20 EUR to 50 . Many are the details that determine the cost, such as the type of gel that your beautician uses, or any trim that to a surcharge.

Retouching is usually applied once every three weeks, maximum a month and as in all things there are drawbacks: in particular, the reconstruction provides a continuous limaggio of the nail bed that in the long run is paraded in a serious way, besides all , in this way it limits the breathing of the nail which inevitably weakens. Then as for the hair, there is the problem of growth, this is handled depending on how fast the nail grows back; however, even if you were so lucky to be able to bring the reconstruction for a whole month, the signs of time would really merciless. If you apply the color, after about two weeks you will have half the nail to the natural hairline with the obvious sign of the gel, but if you apply the french, you can limit the damage by passing a layer of enamel so as to cover regrowth. There really are decorations for all tastes and for all occasions, it is very nice to be able to show off the nails that are not only well maintained but also meticulous in detail, in the combination of colors and the choice of motives that arise. Remain without inspiration is just impossible, but if you are missing the ideas you can always consult the with lots of pictures of nail art made ​​beautifully.

The semi-permanent polish in practice has the same problem, however, has a lower average cost: EUR from 15 to 30. There are few the beauticians can do a good job, so if you decide to embark on this adventure, I recommend you see first hand the work, because they could end up with the “palette” attached to the fingers, the shape is, for both the thickness, and from this point of view has nothing to do anything the price; not worth the saying “little you spend, just make” because I assure you that he saw the reconstructions from 100 euro really unpresentable.

Of course, if you do not want to use any of these techniques it is another possibility, namely that of fun with the normalissimi enamels. There are many guides and tutorials that explain step by step how to perform some wonderful effects on their nails even if they are not very long or cured by a beautician: explosions of colors that mix to create with shadows effects a pleasant harmony and the most modern rays moon are just a few of the possibilities you have! You just pick any and do not be afraid to mix some color, maybe it may seem risky but in the end you will be surprised by your work!

Now, I know exactly what you crave more and manicured hand, but the game really worth the candle? Posterity will judge!