Myths About Computer Security

We sailed on the Internet, buy and do banking transactions online without really understanding the above that we can be.Technology, like everything in society, has wrapped in ‘urban legends’ that we should break being informed. Then, myths about the computer security.

Myths About Computer Security

Myths About Computer Security

Protection online is vital to take care of our business and our family. Theft of accounts via internet or corporate security keys are very common, because there are always prowling hackers. They security systems are always needed and a good choice for comfort.

Many technological knowledge it takes to be a hacker

Contrary to popular belief, does not need to be genius to hack into a computer. Really need very little knowledge, because any search engine can deliver a list of sites with information about as a hack.

I have a Mac

Often Mac users feel secure because most viruses are designed for Windows-based platforms. However, that does not matter for a hacker; many hacking tools specific for Mac are available on the Internet.

I have a firewall, so I am not at risk

Although firewalls are essential, they are not perfect. What does a firewall do? It monitors what enters and leaves the PC from and towards Internet. It is only a program of computer which, as such, can (and usually) contain errors, according to smartercomputing. These errors can be exploited by hackers to evade this defense.

I don’t use Outlook Express or Internet Explorer, so I’m safe

It is true that these programs are attacked more often than others and that they have been displayed dozens of vulnerabilities. But the vast majority of viruses will infect the PC regardless of the software that we use to receive mail or download files from the Web.

After he entered a virus, I reinstalled Windows and ready

If you reinstall Windows without formatting the disk, the virus will remain there. The problem of formatting is then you’ll have to reinstall all applications and, previously, make a backup of your documents, and this measure not must give the virus the opportunity to escape to the format.