Moto 360 Second Generation Release

Lenovo CEO could have shown ahead of time the bike 360 which will debut in 2015

The bike 360 was one of the most spectacular smartwatch of last year and, despite his more than 6 months in the market, currently few can boast of having a design better than the Motorola. How is the second generation of the bike 360? It is something that many wonder what own Lenovo CEO could have given us accidentally response.

As many of you know, Motorola was acquired by Lenovo now more than one year ago, but both companies are still working independently and keeping your brand personality. A few days ago, the CEO of Lenovo Yang Yuanquing, published a photograph on her official profile of Weibo that showed several bike 360 and some rings that were part of the device box.

Although at first seems to be the current generation of the bike 360, the reaction of the CEO of Lenovo, eliminating the image a few minutes is something that surprised many. Additionally, a medium warned some small modifications in several of the parts shown in the image. For example, you can see how some bike 360 now havetwo metal parts on either side of the sphere which serve to attach straps to them.

This detail is not found in the current Motorola smart clock, because belt is integrated directly into the interior of the box, something that has given many problems to the users who wanted to Exchange series belts, even coming to break the bottom of the device. It certainly was one of the areas for improvement of the current bike 360 and not serious crazy that we saw it in its second generation.

The new bike 360 would have two metal parts to more easily exchange the device straps

Moreover, does not seem to see no other significant changes in this so-called “360 Moto 2”, and even keeps the disputed strip of black plastic in the bottom of the sphere, which abruptly breaks the high aesthetics of the device. From my point of view, I think that there might be some kind of prototype of the next generation of the smartwatch, but I doubt much that concerned the next bike 360.

As we saw a few days ago, the situation on the market of the smartwatch is hot, and with the imminent arrival of the Apple Watch, the coming months promise to be funny. Will the 360 2 bike debut this year? Certainly would be, although surely don’t do it until the end of year, in the same way as the rumored Samsung Orbis with circular screen.