More Pictures of BlackBerry’s Android-Smartphone out

Canadian BlackBerry is poised to launch its first Android-powered smartphone. Before that is even more razor-sharp images appeared of the phone.

Rumors of a BlackBerry smartphone, where the operating system for the first time, Google’s Android, have now been on the air for several weeks with a wealth of information, images and videos.

Now is the best-ever images surfaced from sources who have shared them with Android Authority website. Here you can see the smart phone – so far known as Venice-both from the front, rear and most importantly with the keyboard the promotion by the screen shot up just as a former BlackBerry phones.

All previous rumors about the design looks to be true. That is to say, the front speakers and the slightly curved screen in style with Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. This time also revealed the software very much, which seems to be a very weak adaptation of Android, which Google has meant for the Lollipop.

Back camera, as revealed from previous pictures have all 18 Megapixels to make good with. It is reported also that the camera will be kept stable with the help of optical image stabilization. The rumors will also know that it will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808-processor with 6 cores, which operates machinery along with 3 GB of RAM.

When BlackBerry presents its first smartphone with Android as the operating system is not yet known.