Models Of Bosch Coffee Makers

Make a good coffee is an art, every detail must be taken into account when preparing exquisite and delicious sips of this wonderful drink. To achieve this you need a barista with years of experience, or just a coffee maker Bosch.You have several options for your kitchen:

Can be integrated into your furniture:

It is an option that is not usually choose by their high price, but if you’re a coffee lover will be one of the best investments you can make.

Coffee series 8 Centre you can take the best coffee by pressing a button. It has a function called OnteTouch that automatically calculates all the process of elaboration, we guarantee the maximum aroma and a perfect cream into each Cup.

Other advantages of this device are:

Intelligent heating system: Prepare the drink at the perfect temperature and with all its aroma thanks to the SensoFlow system.

Preparation of 2 cups at the same time, both coffee beverages with milk, with the click of a button.

MyCoffee: memory for 8 custom drinks.

Aroma DoubleShot: Extra coffee intense thanks to the double process of milled and prepared.

Automatic milk duct sanitizing after each drink preparation

Coffee drip:

If you see that the previous machine is not made for you, you may try with this one, because it incorporates the best technology so that you always have coffee to your liking. One of the functions is the double heating Dual Heating system, which prepares coffee and keeps it warm at the ideal temperature. These features have 4 coffee makers, all have these characteristics:

Removable water tank for a more comfortable filling.

System anti-drip to avoid drops when you remove the jug.

Auto-off: Hot maintenance and safety function.

Tassimo coffee makers:

If you are looking for a service automatic capsule offering you a coffee with all its aroma and, in addition, I can do other types of drinks for the whole family, the Tassimo machines are the perfect choice.

The wide range of hot drinks, ready to take at any time, will delight the most demanding: from the exclusive Carte Noire Long Classic to start your day with energy, aromatic coffee with milk Saimaza for tomorrow, through a tempting afternoon tea, until you reach the greediest palates with chocolate Milka and Oreo.

In addition, thanks to intelligent technology Tassimo T DISC, you may worry about its preparation, since the capsules contain the ideal for every kind of drink portions. The machine itself is responsible for the exact amount of water, time and temperature.

You have more than 40 drinks brands that delight all tastes.

There are 3 models adjustable to all kinds of tastes:

The new TASSIMO SUNY is very easy to use. Thanks to technology only SmartStart is necessary to press the Cup against the front panel to start the development. So you have time to focus on what really matters in life and enjoy the good times.

VIVY TASSIMO, TASSIMO family benjamina fits even in the kitchens with less space. It is small and compact, but a great success when it comes to your favorite beverages.