Mobotix Q25 Review

-Q25-MX M-Stylish, ultra-compact, waterproof camera with 5 Mpx and hemisferichen 360 ° lens. Extremely many functions-straight irreplaceable!

MX-Q25-M-a Camera Replacement For 4!

We are pleased to introduce the new camera MX-Q25-M-5 Mpx video image in real time with unique picture quality and the ability to monitor the 360 ° of the site from anywhere in the world without additional the DVR / NVR for. It offers easy access from smart phone, PC, tablet opportunity for active remote actions: turn-off electric appliances. The opening-closing doors, lifting barriers, put on protective gas (not poisonous), etc., And disclosure of the event (burglary, fire, theft, etc.). of pre-set phone numbers (the EPA has built telephone system and warning system).

Photographs of hemisferichniya 360 ° lens, allowing software straightening the image:

The most useful and unique feature of the camera we believe is MxAnalytics, which by heat maps and ‘counting line’ (number line) automatically detects any movement and records each passing person (employee, client) you specify period of time-day week, month, etc. Thus able to analyze the traffic and keep track of how many people there are always at your subject, which is essential for their health and safety. MxAnalytics  gives you the ability to:

  • track people and objects
  • find out how often your employees use a particular area of ​​the building and how long
  • discover when they rush hour
  • find out exactly which goods and products in the store you cause the most interest

With existing statistical analysis gives essential information by which to find employees, customers and partners to devise the most appropriate strategy for the development of their business.

Additional Technical Features and Capabilities:

  • MxActivitySensor-intelligent motion sensor nevliyaeshti of weather available on SECURITYPOLOGY
  • MxLEO-lowlight the Exposure Optimization-perfect exposure and technology to reduce noise
  • free software
  • Automation-built-in thermometer, temperature sensor and luksomer (shows the relationship between the luminous flux incident on a surface, and the surface of this area)
  • Clock with Alarm
  • miniUSB вход
  • 4 GB of internal memory and slot for  MicroSD up  to 64 GB
  • Maximum photo size-2048 x 1536 pixels (QXGA)
  • Image sensor: color-0.25 lux (t = 1 / 60s) • 0.013 lux (t = 1 / 1s); black / white-0.05 lux (t = 1 / 60s) • 0.0025 lux (t = 1 / 1s)
  • Automatic adjustment of white balance, panorama image correction, up to 8 times digital zoom, Save picture background / backdrop• Backlight compensation
  • Integrated microphone and speaker allowing video connection, two-way conversation with the offender or caregiver
  • Configure an unlimited number of virtual security sensors for doors, windows, fire, weather and more.
  • Set activation time after activation
  • Disclosure infringement by an alarm ringing phone or automatically switching the PC
  • WEB posts photos and sending e-mail  through a set time
  • Guarded perimeter zones to 150 meters.
  • Masking fields which should not be monitored by the camera
  • Ability to create an algorithm of movement in the protected area
  • Warning with a voice message if someone does not fulfill the projected algorithm
  • Turn remote protected keyboard or chip
  • Unaffected by climatic conditions – operate in a temperature range from-30 ° C to +60 ° C
  • 4.5 In
  • The camera is certified and meets the European standard 50-704.
  • Размери: Ø x H: 16 x 5 cm; 450 g

Records MX-Q25-M  are recognized in European courts for proof!