Mobile World Congress 2014: Little Revolution But Quite Evolution

As every year the mobile technology industry takes out of the oven the main dishes that will soon hit the market. The big brands of smartphones and tablets come together in the Barcelona MWC. OCU was there to tell you. This is the look of the future. 

LG: Obsessed With Being Flexible

Making mobile and coming from the same country as Samsung is not easy in these times when the Galaxy brand is world champion sales. LG’sSouth Koreanshave beentryingfor years todifferentiate themselves. Although their ideas tend to be technical, their way of selling them does not always work.

Fortunately they decided to leave in the background thenew but stillnondescriptSeries III(three smartphones, the smallest of 3.5 inches and the largest of 4.7).It is also correct to relegate theLife Band activity bracelet, since there are too many who have presented something similar (Samsung, Sony, Huawei …).In addition, the LG bracelet leaves a lot to be desired.

Less justification has not give more honors to theLG G2 Mini, a smartphone of 4.7 inches compacted to the maximum and with the merit of beingcountertendency. The phones have grown so much that a return to the 4 inches can be a relief.Grabbing the G2 Mini is as enjoyable as back to the times when your hand was bigger than your mobile.   

Rival Potential For Galaxy Note 3

According to areacodesexplorer, the first thing to say about the LG G Flex: it’s a big and expensive smartphone. Its6 inchesof screen and799 eurosof price make it not for all the pockets (many will not fit in the pants or in the budget).LG itself compares its G Flex with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (ensuring that its battery allows 2 hours more video than the rival). 

It’s aslightly curvedmobile, a clever “trick” to try to make its 6 inches manageable.In the background is a return to the classic phone, with a headset designed to fit your mouth and your ear. This curved nature is completed with a curious”surround effect” screen inspired byIMAXtheaters. 

And because they wanted a curved screen, they had to make a flexible mobile.The G Flexis not a chewing gum but is slightly bentif you try to crush it.In theory you can put it up to 32 kilos and it does not break … but sitting on your cell phone is not so strange (back pocket of the pants).In our laboratory we will verify its true resistance. 

The G Flexadvertises itselfas”self-repairing”.We are not talking about a miracle but a material, the urethane (used on the wheels of skateboards, for example).The secret lies in the phone’s own flexibility.When we lie on a mattress we deform it, but if we get up it only takes a few minutes to get back to normal.In the same way the urethane works, which in a few seconds restoreslight scratches(but never serious blows).

Very focused on the G Flex, they have brought to Barcelona also theG Pro 2of 5.9 inches (with great improvements in the interface that promise to move to its low range).