Mobile LG Transparent and Solar

LG have you got him the taste of this present peculiar phones like mobile-clock and now surprises us with the LG GD900, the first transparent terminal in the world, made in glass, and another model that powered by solar energy.

This new step in the so-called Mobile “ fashion ” or design is in fact a housing silver with its translucent sliding tray slider, LG has not given any information about their specifications, has only communicated to it will not be in a simple terminal design with accessories to game, but it will incorporate high-end performance. The LG GD900 you will reach stores in the second quarter of this year.

But not to be less than Samsung with its Blue Earth, LG It has also brought to the MWC their solar mobile phone, the Setup is the same, a solar covering the part back on the battery. Ten minutes of sun exposure will provide to this terminal, which LG still not has come to be called, with enough power to perform a three-minute call. We’ll see in the street at the end of year.

The commitment of LG environment not it will stay there, it has a Bluetooth Handsfree kit car, in addition to more classical measures reduce packaging, using recycled material and manufacture their terminals free of hazardous substances in preparation.

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