Mobile Games: Download!

Android devices have more and more game titles to download. The company Gameloft, responsible for Assassin’s Creed for mobile has several other titles as impressive as this one. They are both original titles, sagas created by Gameloft, and mobile versions for games already consecrated.

Mobile Games: Download!

Gameloft Games for Android

Gameloft games are available on Google Play, but can also be downloaded from the Gameloft website so they can be installed on your phone.

The video below has a quick demo of various games for Android phones created by Gameloft. It is worth watching and seeing the quality of the games, even more thinking that they are mobile games. And they have improved even more in recent years. It’s amazing to think of the speed of this evolution!

Gameloft Games for Android!

Did you like the video? Then visit the Gameloft Official Website and see the huge amount of mobile games to download. You can even download the games according to the mobile device you have, which makes things even cooler. Most Gameloft games can be tested for free before buying.

In my honest opinion, Gameloft has the games with the best graphics on Google Play. Although some of the games are a blatant copy of console games, I do not care much about it, since the quality does not leave much to be desired in relation to the “original” versions. The mobile versions of games they make for other companies, such as Assassin’s Creed quoted at the beginning of this article, are also really fun to play. Just be careful not to stop doing your day-to-day tasks before starting the game, okay?