MMA: Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is a full contact sport, permitted a wide range of techniques. These technologies are from a bunch of different martial arts. For example, throws of judo, boxing punches and clips from jujitsu. Since the beginning of humanity already fighting there, but around 1887 was the first official match between a Boxer and a wrestler. Yet the roots of this sport in Brazil, where the tournament has been held since 1920.

Modern form of MMA

The modern form of MIXED MARTIAL ARTS have become popular by the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993. Its original purpose was the most effective way to combat find for unarmed combat. Several martial arts competing in this tournament for first place. In the following years, there are rules outlining to the battles to make the sport so popular to the public. In addition to UFC wast in Japan also set a tournament, namely PRIDE. Unfortunately, this organization because of financial problems recently went bankrupt. In countries such as the United States begin to form this sport serious competition with boxing and wrestling in terms of popularity.
Policies are put in place to protect the health of the fighters. In addition, these make the people will see MMA as a sport, and not as barbaric fighting in a cage; the introduction of weight classes, gloves and small in the deadlines have been the key changes.


The techniques used in MIXED MARTIAL ARTS can be divided into two categories. ” Striking ” and ” grapling ”. These are different in different organisations themselves. But in General, these are quite similar. There is also a general prohibition against the biting, kicks/punches to the cross, headings, focus on the eyes and joints.

Martial Arts Styles

These techniques are used in different ways. There are three main styles of martial arts:

  • Stand-up: mostly boxing, Thai Boxing full contact karate.
  • Clinch: freestyle wrestling, sambo, and judo.
  • Ground: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, shoot wrestling, catch wrestling, judo and Sambo.

In addition to these styles, see also standaart combinations:

  • Sprawl-and-br: this style is to fight standing, the effective use of punches and kicks. In addition, the fighting on the ground.
  • Clinch fighting: This clinch is contracted, to prevent the opponent away. Then there are the attempts to beat the opponent with punches, and possibly score a takedown.
  • Ground and Pound: This is a matter of course, as soon as possible for the opponent to work the soil and start with blows to the head and body.
  • Submission grappling on the ground trying to wrestling techniques to force a clamp and the opponent giving up.

Famous fighters

Known fighters in this sport are:

  • Fedor Emelianenko, the undisputed champion at heavyweight, has long been undefeated.
  • Mirko cro cop Filipović, nicknamed. Known for his left high kick.
  • Chuck Liddell, the light heavyweight.
  • Randy Couture and Wanderlei Silva. Also very successful fighters in the light heavyweight class.

Netherlands is a small country in terms of mma fighters at world level. Alistair Overeem and Melvin Manhoef is one of the few fighters in the world.