Mix of Prints

Harmony and modernity are characteristic of the project of the architect Eliana de Sousa. Upon request of the family-a couple and a grown daughter–the highlights of the room are the sober tones and striking geometric pattern on the fabric seat tropicalized mixed. This is a good combination when you want to highlight an object and neutralize the rest of the environment. “The prints should always have a color in common, such as the Eggplant present in bedspread, pillows and deep in the tropical print; black and white are already classics that combine with any other color, since that is punctuated at some objects”, Eliana gives the hint. The planned joinery is a cost-effective solution, because it takes advantage of the space without waste and facilitates movement. The use of white on the desk, in the role of the wall behind the bed, in cupboards and wood on the ground give sophistication and breadth to the room.

Romantic, this is a room for a baby. To harmonize, the architects opted for classic colors, like pink-tea, white and Pearl, applied in floral prints, geometric and smooth. The composition of different models avoids the monotony of neutral tones, gives movement and personality to the environment. The walls were given, in addition to the wallpapers, MDF panels, which could be replaced with wall stickers more accessible and easy to apply following NecessaryHome. The layout was planned for future replacement of the crib for a bed and the changing table for a desk, to adapt to all phases of the child.

The theme of Indian culture and colors were choices of residents, who wanted a warm and energizing at the same time. The architect Teresa Simões followed, then this proposal zen with strong shades. To characterize it, were used low futon furniture and accessories in the theme. The combination was made from the neutral base, with specific colors-as on the wall and in the printed cushions. The art of the stickers was chosen by the architect and made by a specialized company, however, there are thousands of websites and stores that have similar products for prompt delivery.

The gray base was chosen to give flexibility to use more colors in the home of young residents. To be located in a hot region, the interior designer Adriana Fontana opted for the freshness of the cold tones of blue, two black sofas counterpoints of straight lines and the armchairs with cushions alive in prints of colored stripes, which harmonize with the rest of the environment. According to the professional, the use of various reasons, in addition to color, brings movement to the decoration. On the walls were used three Sherwin Williams paints: Blue stronger-6495-medium blue, SW-SW-6494, and a lighter-6492 SW. On the ground, IPE wood. The cobogós make quite a partition and not interfere in the tones of the décor.