Miniskirts in All Versions

Many are the designers who have chosen this season to a measure that became popular in the 1960s and that He was born at the time produced the so-called sexual revolution as a symbol of women’s Liberation.

Miniskirts in All Versions

The British creator Mary Quant is disputed with the French Couturier André Courrèges the authorship of the garment, she says that he was inspired by the mini, the car, to make it, and Courreges, disciple of Balenciaga and pioneered the application of geometrical figures to the silhouette of the woman, is attributed the birth of the female sexy (I fio more than he…)

What is clear is that the miniskirt has never ceased to be and always comes back with force: like all teach the legs.

This summer brought us from Balenciaga, up to Blumarine, passing by Chloe, that it opts for the sheer fabrics, Luella, that prefer the classic and schoolgirls tables, the ethnic look of Matthew Williamson, and the purity of lines and the origami effect of Sophia Kokolasaki.

In winter, the trend does not die and comes from the hand of Balmain, Chanel, Fendi, ETRO, o Colette Dinigan.

That the the fashion world is sometimes eccentric I get it. What’s up for all tastes also (and respect). But there are times that the signatures are uploaded to the truck of the Copy copy and here is where we are now. When I saw in February the parade of D & G autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 thought that its creators had left them hands with thread and needle for this madness of colours and patterns were too much for someone with a bit of sanity.

And I hallucinated more when I saw a series of full hair/feather skirts in vivid colors: If models (which are usually walking bones) were bad, imagine one with a body like the earth … as well, my worst nightmares have materialized: the Lord Amancio Ortega, King of Kings, man loved by all of us (and that if wasn’t for my would already have a few hundreds of monuments) It has gotten the leg. And it is that it has designed a cloned version This little practice piece & #8230;

Yes, and if all off in two colors: electric blue and roja. If someone dares to her only can tell you: “ ve carefully dear …