Mini Vintage Wedding

There’s nothing better than getting another Sunday exuding love here! Today we will share with you the day of Renata and Pankaj.

Renata account that always inspired weddings gringos that via wedding blog and here on the pencil of bride (love!). It was creating in your mind the dream of a small wedding, outdoor, with foot on the grass and clothesline of lights.

A celebration with a rustic country and climate, but with a good vintage decor. The ballroom was decorated with crochet mats, cups, cloth flowers and old photos of families. The bride did personally a compilation of clips in chronological order, containing a lot of jazz decades 20, 30 and 60.

For the bride and groom it was essential that the marriage had the man of the couple, so did many designs DIY (do it yourself) along with the families, as the Salon decor, personalized popcorn bags, clothes-line, topiarias with flowers, souvenirs, comfort items, and more!

Tips For The Bride

–The Organization of the wedding can be stressful, especially when you choose to do everything our way. But it’s worth it! Gives pride!
-Look for references in Blog Bride pencil!! I had many inspirations and is a pride for me that my marriage is published here!
-Even if something don’t go as planned and be hopeless, as happened with me, enjoy! Enjoy the loved ones who are there for you! Notice how you are loved and how there are so many people that care for your happiness.
-Dance, Dance too!! And love, love your spouse!
-Invest in a good advice for the day and the photographer! On the day, you don’t have to worry about anything, and then must have an accurate portrayal and poetic than it was that special moment.

As the bride and groom didn’t like the idea of cutting the tie, had a super cool idea to raise money for the honeymoon: “since the decoration objects were mine, we had the idea of making a bazaar to help us on our honeymoon. On a Blackboard, please be advised of the arrangements and values that would be released from the 10:00 pm. Today, when we visited friends, we would like the parties to view the beautiful cups at their House, and got a lot of money to go! “.

Special Tribute

“My grandmother died hours before the wedding. On civil marriage she was with us. Not only was, but sang for us. She was a wonderful singer, even at 92 years. Unfortunately, in the early hours of day 15, she passed away, sleeping and happy. It shocked everyone, and I was devastated. But it was nice to see all my family and friends giving support for that day to be happy. “

“I had planned to sing with my father” if everyone were like you “, by Tom Jobim. Intended to sing to my guests, who were, along with Rafa, the most special people in my life. My father and I, we dedicate this song to my grandmother’s Mercedes, which was the happiest person I have ever met. Right now, virtually all were in tears, and my grandmother was immortalized there. “

Love Story

“Alex’s mother, Sueli was accompanied by a friend to dinner at my mom’s House. I didn’t know her, because I lived in Santo André, and she the kilometers away, in São João da Boa Vista. I came home from work very tired and almost didn’t listen to visitors. But, my mother Denize, started a joke with the Sueli. ‘ You don’t have a child for my daughter? ‘ And she had! Showed a photo of Alex on Facebook for me. I thought it was beautiful, but I didn’t want to look it up because I thought that he wouldn’t be interested. Sueli, when came back to your House, did the same thing, but Alex wasn’t for relationships. “

“A month has gone by and he started looking at stylishtacoma. Pulled it and soon had an appointment scheduled online every day, until we move on to the phone. In December, my family took a trip to visit my grandmother (who coincidentally was living in the same city as him). We first met at the peak of a mountain called ‘ Pico do Gavião, where people jump of paraglider and watched the Fireworks together (it was day 31 December 2012). The next day he asked me in dating, and I said yes! “