Michael Toschi Golf Shoes

If you practice Golf probably sabeslo important is a good, comfortable walking shoes but that get to pay close attention to the surface of the field for jgar with confidence.

Find a pair of shoes of such quality is difficult, especially if we are looking for some good materials, functionality, to comfortably practice sport and a striking and modern look.

It is difficult to clear, if you’re interested in golf footwear of Michael Toschi; specially made for players of Golf, Italian design and above all made with materials of first quality, skin and contact rubber soles. You can find various colors, green, black, Brown or white, very different between them.

Ogio sports bags design American company is which has created the BMW Golfsport. The name already announced it: a bag where it is everything you need to go to your game of golf.

Something essential in any sports bag is the separate Department for footwear and this has it. Inside, you can order it as you wish in their several dividers and pockets. And you know how that work can get complicated: just taking each week more.

White color with live ones in black colour contrast is always nice design view. Simplicity, cleanliness, elegance. Measures 60 x 24 x 29 cm and it can be vertically or horizontally according to appropriate.

In this second picture, you see the bag in the traditional sense, with the embroidered BMW logo visible but without being garish. You are only missing the Penfold completo Heart and you’re ready to go to the field.