Men’s Essential Jeans

Timeless, the jean is for sure. Ageless, indefatigable, unmistakable. In short, no shortage of adjectives to evoke the denim. A simple basic work pants, jeans became a fashion accessory today, both men and women. Moreover, the denim not only dress pants, but it can be found both on the shirts as jackets , wallets or even shoes!

No need to also remember that the jeans are now in different cuts: skinny, slim, straight, bootcut… Each model fits a particular morphology, one you have already spoken on Our site And besides that, there are also all kinds of washes, colors and all kinds of details that vary from pants to another, whether the number of pocket, style seams…

Wearing jeans

But beware! Wear jeans does not mean that you will avoid for sure the bad taste: too torn trousers, a leaching-type “mustache” too strong and too nerdy, a cut that does not put you in value… Yes, a fake -not happen quickly.

So, to help you find your way through this jungle of faded jeans, has a selection of 10 pieces essential in early spring 2016.

Wearing Men's Jeans

Our selection of  jeans

  1. The classic Levi’s 501 jeans:90 euros
  2. The skinny jeans Levi’s 511: 100 euros
  3. The black jeans Wrangler: 89 euros
  4. The APC raw denim: 145 euros
  5. The faded jeans Devred: 44,99 euros
  6. The colored jeans Asos: 35,99 euros
  7. jeans (slightly) torn Mango49.99 euros
  8. The printed denim Celio: 19,99 euros
  9. The joggjean Diesel: 229 euros
  10. Le short Denim LTB: 80 euros