Meet the Main Sennheiser Headphones Sold in Brazil

Sennheiser is always one of the first companies to remember when it comes to headphones.The German manufacturer has an extensive line of models sold in the country.One of the main feature of its products is in solid construction, but without forgetting the audio quality.

Headphones: What you need to know to choose a good model

For these reasons, the German has become one of the most beloved brands by audiophiles worldwide, being used by both professionals and enthusiasts.Here is a list of currently available used Sennheiser trucks for sale.


A cost-effective intra-auricular model.So is the Sennheiser CX215.There are five colors available, three rubber sizes and a 1.2 m cable.The model has 16 ohms impedance, 22 – 22,000 Hz response frequency and 110 dB sensitivity.The price is around R $ 110.


Another model that is cost-effective and successful in Brazil is the HD202.The supra-aural type model has 32 Ohms of impedance, 18 – 18,000 Hz of response frequency and 115 dB of sensitivity.It can be found for around $ 120 at the country’s leading online stores.

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HD 280 PRO

For those looking for a more robust model with better comfort and acoustic insulation, the HD 280 PRO is one of the best options.Costing around R $ 800, the circumaural model has 64 ohms of impedance, 8 – 25,000 Hz of frequency of response and 102 dB of sensitivity.The handset has a spiral cable and can be folded for transport.

PC 310

During the golden age of the Lan Houses, the Sennheiser PC 310 was one of the headphones that beat the Razer models as a consumer dream.The years have passed, but to this day it is considered one of the best options of the brand for the gamer world.It can be found for about $ 400, it has 16 Ohms of impedance, 17 – 22,000 Hz of frequency of response and 118 dB of sensitivity.The microphone has active noise cancellation and 80 – 15,000 frequency.


From a line for those who want better quality, but without leaving the style aside, the Amperior can be found for about $ 1,000 in Brazil.In two colors (silver and blue), the model has 18 Ohm impedance, 16 – 22,000 Hz response frequency and 120 dB sensitivity.


A model for those who want to enjoy TV sound without disturbing anyone.The Sennheiser RS120 has a rechargeable battery with support for up to 22 hours of continuous use up to 100 meters, and can be connected via RCA or P2 output.It can be found for R $ 500, the model has 24 Ohms of impedance, 22 – 19,500 Hz of frequency of response and 106 dB of sensitivity.

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