Marc by Marc Jacobs Presents Its First Swimwear Collection

Marc Jacobs every day he ventured in more areas of the world of fashion. You already have experience in other collections as the bathroom for Louis Vuitton, but now he has decided that his “younger” line, Marc by Marc Jacobs, also have theirs. So we present to you the first collection the signature of the designer for the Spring-Summer 2009.

Garments very funny, very childish prints, in a positive sense, sensual with a touch of Lolita and many flyers. Marc Jacobs He has hit the nail on creating a line of bathroom that we load the energy of the season.

The colors are varied, the dark blue and turquoise It may be the most used, but also have the presence of black, coral, white, electric blue and soft yellow. Among the prints appear recursively floral to give a vintage touch to some two pieces that seem to recall the style of Daisy Duke Swimwear. But there is also a remembrance of the styles of the 1960s and 1970s.

Bathing suits come in a sexy interpretation of one-shoulder, with details on the neckline, while the bikinis they multiply in cuts and shapes.

We have from the typical strapless heart shaped one of flyers more female, passing through high cut leg & hip, up to a kind of loose-fitting blouse, very cute and makes that one that you don’t want to show gut can go to the beach without complexes.

Also included are several pieces of beach as mini-dresses matching bathing suits, type tennis skirts, shorts ‘ shirt-blouses of beach. I especially like the swimsuit of fish that looks like girl and black print dress.

The prices are accessible, as they begin in about 100 euros approximately by bathing suits and come to the 180 by the bikinis and some dress. If we take into account that a good bathing suit around 100 euros so not out of budget of uan radically.