Manolo Wash Jeans

Why it smells so good in the Lady’s wardrobe? And why does it smell so bad in my? There are questions I asked myself for a while. The main culprit turned out to be the Ijinjeans that I bought as the abrasion test and worn almost every day during the past year. But I discovered another seven couples who were not at all ok.

Reluctantly, I realized what had been obvious for a long time: I need to wash my jeans, something I haven’t done for at least three years.
But how do I take care of eight pairs of jeans in desperate need of water? Usually I either bathing or showering with the jeans and then wash it with shampoo. Then I go around in them until they dry, which takes a while.

It would therefore not work with all eight. I decided that it simply had to be the washing machine, and started looking for the washing instructions in the jeans.

Here, I discovered a slight peculiarity in my Ijin jeans, they have two laundry pieces that totally contradict each other.

On one side it says:
“[…] There is no garment shrinkage to consider ”

On the other note, it says:
“[…] Unwashed selvage denims shrink up to one full size when washed at 30 ° […] ”

Not so much for the help, that is. But if I had washed the jeans in the bath so the temperature had been at least 37 °. If I then wash in 30 ° and almost without detergent and then use the mesigaste centrifugation as my new washing machine can muster, it should work. Both color and size.

It all went beyond all expectations, but two more things to think about. Wash inside out, as well as stretch jeans properly afterwards while they are still wet.