Manolo Blahnik Wedding Shoes

Today we show you the photos of the wedding shoe designer Manolo Blahnik for Bella in Breaking Dawn, which are now on sale for all those dreaming of a fabulous accessory. Absolutely fabulous, it must be said, these beautiful shoes that have a price that makes your head spin: the Pumps with worn by Bella Swan for her wedding in fact cost the beauty of $ 1,295 and are on sale in some American history, including online. Not just black: the most chic shoes for your wedding are also proposals, always at the same price in other colors, such as pink and black.

How about? I as soon as I have my views are not in love despite the heel high, perhaps not too comfortable to wear all day! For as you know, in the early part of the last chapter of the saga Twilight, titled ‘The Breaking Dawn’comes awaited marriage between the two protagonists. The bride, beautiful and ethereal, wearing a pair of designer Manolo Blahnik shoes.Delicious! The only question for this model as convenience: in some spy shots of the behind the scenes of the film in fact, we see the actress Kristen Stewart while Test Pumps and its expression seems slightly annoyed.

Maybe she did not like the model or complaining about the little comfort of these shoes? Now, however, this model is for sale and if you dare to make a mad it can be bought at the price of $ 1,295. Definitely a folly: but remember that those by Manolo Blahnik, which also creates models for brides, are the most expensive shoes in the world loved by celebrities and even worshiped by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, which has determined its global success.