Man Shirts in The 50s

With Elvis quiff and jeans, only a minority of men adorned in the 50s. However, the men’s fashion had a lot to offer in the first post-war decade. A new reliability started to grow, manifested not least in fashionable man shirts. Some of it found its way late in the Federal Republic. In the home of rock ‘n’ roll, but the men drove’s colorful.

Man Shirts in The 50s

The Western Shirt – Man Shirts For City Cowboys

The clothing of Cowboys in particular on functionality was originally designed. Finally met beef – cattle driver in everyday life in the first place and for which it was worth little, become chic. So even today often elaborately decorated shoulder yoke had initially intended to make more robust the shirt, not beautiful. At the end of the 19th century Wild West shows provided with enterprising icons such asBuffalo Bill, novels and magazine articles to ensure that the Wilde Westen became the theatre of a longing for bored town. You were allowed to try out even as a cattle prod. The so-called “Dude Ranches” proved for a while in the 20s, comparable to our “holiday on the farm”, holiday hit with Americans from large cities on the East Coast. Logical that the vacationers that laid real or supposed real cowboy clothing including Hat – who disappeared after returning to the city but mostly in the closet.

The Hawaiian Shirt – Triumph Of Colours

Opinions differ on Hawaiian shirts. The colorful tops holiday mood spread pure for some, for others, they are the best evidence of a bad taste.

Yet, the modern “Aloha” shirt has already several decades under his belt. It was first sold in the 30s, with Chinese and Japanese immigrants in the development of the colourful shirts played an equally important role as local fashion traditions. Imported to the United States the top before were all by American GIs stationed in Hawaii, who returned after the second world war with suitcases full of souvenirs on South Pacific realms in their home.

Here they fell quickly to a pass of casualness and joie de vivre. Among the personalities who wore Hawaiian shirts in public, were not only stars Montgomery Clift, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.President Harry S. Truman was photographed shortly after the end of the second world war in shorts and Hawaiian shirt. Who had the courage, did it for him and enjoyed warm summer days in man shirts with tropical motifs.

The Bowling Shirt – Even Before Charlie Sheen A Crowd Pleaser

After ‘two and a half man half’, there is people, the bowling shirts refer to as “Charlie Sheen memory shirts”. There was the distinctive long tops before Sheen Charlie Harper aka was the pöbelnden audience favorite. Her name comes not from about. Because originally, bowling shirts were attracted primarily to the bowling. Within the framework of the 50s, the tops also outside the bowling alley experienced a growing popularity, especially among young people. Whether you’re on record hops or at the ice bar, bowling shirts were everywhere to see for a while. What makes a classic bowling shirt? First and foremost, it is the two-tone design with block-like geometric shapes, often thick strips. Modern bowling shirts pimp classic design often with ornaments and a back print on. You can Bowl with two variants.