Male Academy Clothing: 5 Tips to Get Dressed for Practice

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? Look, I always get here in the male Fashion for comment, via email, on the channel, several questions of you about Male Academy clothing, fashion Fitness, what to wear, Male Looks for tips go to the gym, anyway! It’s about time to post something about it, right? But, as always, something uncomplicated and straightforward, so you catch easily without complication. Porting bora pro post view, in particular, the 5 Tips in Gym clothes for men? 

Good, I think this is one of the most requests from out here on the Blog haha But until today not had commented too deeply about, until today! I’ve been talking for a while about the high Athleisure , which is nothing more than the sporting lifestyle hacking into our daily lives, whether in our diets, wellness, leisure and also in our clothing, in mixture with Casual, Formal parts, etc. But the Lifestyle Sports for sports? Hey, how does it look?
No BS, let’s see in detail the 5 Tips that I separated to gym Clothes ? What is cool to dress for practice, which is cool to use for Performance, bora now, GO \o
01) feel Comfortable
Well, here is the hint key to any sport, right? And no different to the Male Academy clothing: feel Comfortable. It is logical that we worry about what we’re going to the gym and it’s nice to have style too to go train. After all, aside from health, we exercise to keep a cooler body, with a nice look, anyway, each has your goal.

But we must not forget that we will perform various types of movements: heavy lifting, Crouching, jumping, lie down, stay upside down haha and all this requires freedom in movements. So it’s always nice to look for clothes that let you perform the exercises without limitations. If they are more fair, having the right technology for the activity, if they are more comfortable, that way your performance, closed? Let’s talk more about it below!

Oh and it’s not just because we’re going to the Academy that we should wear all the colored pieces, has been this time, huh? haha can you talk about the colors of the pieces, nowadays we have many good options in more neutral Colors also.

With the high Athleisure, increasingly have options of the Academy with a more Casual, without leaving aside the technology. Example of the look above, you could use quietly on the street, at a barbecue with friends and even work in some cases.

02) Modeling to talk with your Body
Today we have several parts of various brands, specific to training, but each person has a biotype, has a different body. So the cool thing is to observe the range of options, the varieties of molds we have on the market for talk better with us!

To illustrate, we have T-shirts with more curved bars, with cracks in the bar, they won’t disrupt movements of waist, shorts of Performance above the knee so as not to limit the movements of Legs, materials that give elasticity in Composition, combining parts lot well comfort with visual, pants with Drawstring waist in Anchorage to avoid unwanted crashes during practice, specific Clothes for colder days, for warmer weather, etc. The dude’s experience in stores, simulate some movements you make in your workout routine to go discovering these Models that might work better for you, beauty? \o

03) Fabrics for Clothes of Academy
Always aqueeeela doubt what fabric is best for use at the gym, right? Well, there are options well famous as the Dri-Fit, which is made of synthetic materials and technology, aims to remove the body sweat and expel out of the fabric, to not get soaked. But even these t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, Pants that are specific to the practice of sports, may have differences. Generally they are made of polyamide or polyester or, the tip I give is to opt for the first option, polyamide, which is lighter and more enjoyable.

But, in my experience, I still prefer to go to the gym (Yes, despite being thin I’m going, see? haha) with 100% cotton T-shirts from, I feel more comfortable. For the Pants and shorts, Gym, there are several options in polyester, Sweatshirt, Fleece (for colder days), anyway, but the cool thing is always to observe if these pieces have in your Composition the Spandex (or Spandex), which is the material that gives elasticity to Play and does not limit the movement TOS.

For the Socks, Cotton options are good companions, that have a greater percentage of Cotton in your composition, usually found around in stores. There are also models of sports brands that feature Dri-Fit Technology, compression and are more Strengthened, to the practice of activities.

04) Male compression Clothing
Much is said these days of compression Clothing for practice, to practice various sports activities that require a more aggressive job of muscles. And Yes, these pieces have a really cool Technology, in short, are aimed at compressing the muscles, ease muscle recovery and decrease fatigue, I won’t extend much in the technical specifications, all TIME?

And Compression can also be great partner during practice in colder days, keeping our body warm, concentrating the energy of muscles, with men’s Leggings (for use under the Bermuda, for example), t-shirts, Shorts, etc. And for warmer weather? Also scrolls. There are compression parts with Dri-Fit technology, Mesh panels to breathe more our body and ergonomic seams up to increase air flow.

Anyway, besides all this technology, compression parts have come out with a cool, monochromatic options, bi-color, colorful and even Printed (found Camouflaged in Nike compression Shirt) to help on the Look of the Academy. haha

05) Which Plays avoid to go practice?
Well, this is a very key, right? As I said in other threads, the gym Clothes have to be comfortable, you need to make you feel comfortable to perform all exercises, so it’s nice to avoid Pieces that may limit their movements, such as t-shirts, shorts or tight Jeans (Yes, there are people who will train in Jeans), heavy clothes, lots of clothes, anyway. Watch accessories also, many people enjoy wearing a watch for training, there’s worth opting for lighter options, not as robust or more materials suited to the sport, as rubber Bracelets options, silicon for example. Vale also stay connected in Headphones, who likes to use, choose a model that suits well to the shape of your head and don’t be falling during the activities.

Ahhhh! lots of people go to the gym right straight from work, for example, and end up using those Social models of socks to train too, just not doing the Exchange. Avoid Social socks for the Academy, ok? They are not made for that, do not have adequate technology for ventilation of the foot to the practice of the exercises. Anything that might disturb your practice, your income, should be avoided, ok? \o

The tag that appears in the photo above is gringa, but is very nice for Inspiration, the guys take the Athleisure seriously and have enough technology combined with a Casual look to your parts. Valley follow the Aesthetic Revolution.
Remembering always that the above tips are not rules, OK? Each person has a preference, each feels better with a type of clothing, technology, anyway, the important thing is to be comfortable to perform all activities. Closed? \o

Taking advantage of the hook, Let’s watch the clothing Tips for strong men? Just give the PLAY below, GO!

EAE team, enjoyed the tips on men’s clothes for the gym? You already use some of these pieces that I quoted? Use other?
Leave your opinions here in the comments so we can beat chat aqueeeeeeele haha

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