Makeup Tutorials for Valentine’s Day

A bright make-up and women’s eyes carefully to his lips to hit your partner on a particular day. Let’s see how to make it with video tutorials.

In addition to ask what gift do for Valentine’s Day, to spend a romantic evening and what to prepare to celebrate with your love, there is always a big question: how I dress? And how do I make? Follow our tutorial to make a feminine and bright makeup for Valentine’s Day and take inspiration from our style tips: choose your ideal outfit in a fun and romantic look that plays with the hearts prints or an outfit that points to the color red passion.

Of course it all depends on the type of event you have in mind, but you will see that this makeup can adapt well to any type of situation, for both day and evening.

We begin, as usual, to lay our foundation after the skin well hydrated. Go to cover all those who are your imperfections and pass directly in the eyes with a creamy pearly pink eyeshadow. Spread the product well with a finger until you get under the eyebrow. Without this we turn to a deep pink eye shadow that we’re going to apply with a brush pen on the outside and in the crease area, almost to get on the inside.

Do not worry it’s too intense because we are going to apply another color that will change the tone of the product used. We take it a lilac-colored eye shadow and we go to press at the end. You will see that it will form a new color, but do not drag it in the crease, let any sign of the deep pink color.
With an eye shadow the same color as the one previously made ​​creamy – the pearl pink-go to dab on quests ‘last in order to fix the product. It will be more intense and makeup will last longer.

We make it particularly this trick using an eyeliner, not black but blue-purple. We draw a visible line on the eye creating a beautiful point in the final part and then we go with electric blue eye shadow to intensify this line. A more intense touch could be the use of a blue mascara: your eyelashes in this way seem to continue the color of eyeliner.
If you prefer a makeup a little ‘more natural simply use a black mascara. If you have a blush of the same pink eyeshadow used, is perfect, otherwise a normal natural pink blush will work fine.

We come to the lips. For Valentine’s Day I’ll a particular proposal to bring out the most of your lips: use a lipstick still on very light pink with a hint of a second pearly lipstick to the center of the lips to create here also as a point of light on the eyes. I recommend to use a long-lasting lipstick.

So you’re ready for a special day with your partner!Have fun and happy Valentine’s Day.