Makeup Tips for Black Skin

There is no question the power and allure of black skin, which is naturally beautiful and full of vitality, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a make-up, and thus further enhance its features, but the fact is that many women are afraid to put on makeup, to dare, or don’t know any tricks to fix, brighten and uniform skin tone without sounding masked and that’s what we’re going to show you here and now, tips and tricks to get a make perfect in black fur.

The truth is that the secret to make for black women is quite simple, it’s in the correct choice of the tones of the products. Colorful correctives, two base types, Golden and shadows intense Illuminators are the most appropriate choices.

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Black skin has the advantage to be wonderful with various shades of Shadow, this means that if you love colors, can abuse the Green, lilac and silver, as well as the pink and wine, which are also beautiful and intense colors.

Time to highlight your lips, don’t be afraid to play in both the red as pink, purple. .. from the strongest to the more discrete or pale, that perfectly match makes more sober.

For those who are afraid to dare, Valley that old tip: mouth all, eye nothing, then just perfect in mascara and you’re done!

A tip now for those with dark purple, opt for corrective yellows, but if it’s Brown, choose a product red and a little tip if you don’t have magic concealer, appeals to some red lipstick.

It is very important to identify the secondary color of your skin before buy the base, because that tone will define what will be the background color of the base, for example, who works on the street or get Sun, should opt for pink background, but if you don’t sunbathe, use the yellow.

Another tip is to choose Illuminators with golden sparkles, which become more discrete in black skin, pearly toned products already or silver-plated can give a fake effect.

Appeal to blush of colour so that it appears as red and wine.

Women with darker spots should hide them with a correction of the exact color of the skin, because if you use a lighter, you may end up with the most evident or greyish.

Who doesn’t want to risk, the tip is to invest in hot colors like bronze, Brown, Orange and gold, but, of course, the sisters must also dare to and invest in cool colors like blue, purple, green and pink.

If you want a striking mouth, bet on lipsticks in shades of BlackBerry, Plum, wine, coffee and chocolate.

For a smooth effect, invest in beige, nude or transparent gloss

The silver and gray shadows are beautiful in evening events, but don’t forget to leave your lips with lipstick colors to color not cool too make.

A tip, since the skins very dark and black tend to be darker around the mouth, next to the root of the hair and around the eyes, opt for two basic colours, with its natural tone and tone of dark spots.
Ready, like the tips? So, now just follow them and kick ass!