Makeup Tips for Black Skin

Black Skin

What perfect makeup for black skin is mistaken that for this type of skin there is some restrictions can all as long as you stay beautiful and has to do with the style of those who will use.

Yes, care must be taken. A black skin has a very characteristic luminosity in the T zone and often confused with excess oils.

The process is the same check the skin type and before makeup make use of astringent lotion and facial tonic before applying the base.

The Base There is a need for the use of base both for correction and enhancement but choose the tonality of a lighter tone in the call area T-Chin, forehead, nose and, if necessary, in the dark circles and another in exactly the color of the skin for the remainder. Work problem areas: clear the dark, standardize the clearer.

The apples of the protruding faces are black and characteristics need to be worked on next to skin tones.
The stroke must be made from the side of the nose, passing close to the inside corner of the eye to the beginning of the eyebrow and thus leaving the nose thinner and longer.

With full lips black dispense using the pencil outline. Use only for some sort of correction
The placement of the lipstick should be made with your fingers, in toquinhos. With a q-tip, esfumace to give more natural effect. Colors can be intense, as wine, red or pink, or mild, as pink-clear, pink or skin-colored.

Dark almond-shaped eyes and use smoked corners with black pencil. For reinforcement in the spotlight, the upper and lower lashes are given several layers of black mask. The shadows in “ton sur ton gives a wonderful highlight for the eyes.