Maintain Jewelry Properly

A high-quality gem evaluates any outfit instantly.

Whether glamorous necklaces, elegant rings or tinkling bracelets-with the right, sparkling accessory You give every look that special something.

If you wish you enjoy your glowing companions as long as possible, you should, however, note a few rules in the care and storage of your favorite ornaments.

Learn now, get like gold, silver, pearls and diamonds their wonderful shine as long as possible with these simple tips and tricks You’re going for many more years to your quality jewelery delight-guaranteed!

So Cares And Your Stored Your Gold Jewelry

So wonderful shimmering gold at the beginning and sparkles-often form after a short time dark discolorations on the beloved, warm shimmering precious metal. The reason: Gold is usually mixed during processing with other metals to make it harder and more resistant.

These accompanying metals react in turn with sulfur particles that are in the air or in household chemicals and cosmetics.

The result is unsightly discolorations on the jewelry. Gold jewelry should be cleaned regularly to maintain its warm glow.

For this, a simple home remedy has proven: Sets your jewelry overnight in a glass of water in which you previously a tablet denture cleaners have dissolved.

The cleaning particles contained loosen stains gently. If you take the cleaned jewelery the next day from the glass, you need it only to wash with clean water and polish briefly with a soft cloth. Also special gold baths are useful utensils that should regularly be used to the lights of your gold jewelery to preserve.

The perfect place for keeping your shining retro jewels is a lockable box, because the gold present there before possibly in the air chemical particles that can lead to tarnishing, is protected.  By the way: The bathroom is generally unsuitable as a place for keeping jewelry, because the increased humidity in this space tarnishing may even accelerate.

Tips And Tricks For Silver Jewelry

Whether fine chain, sweet Charm or elegant cocktail ring-just like gold jewelry, silver also tends to run after a short time to do so. The unsightly dark stains tarnish the shine of this precious metal and let it work dull.

Just as for gold, but there are alsosilver jewelry a trick to remove the unsightly dark patina.

A particularly simple method: Give some heaped teaspoon of salt in a plastic bowl with warm water. The bowl should have your previously lined with aluminum foil.

Now Lay down your silver jewelry into the vessel. After a few minutes you can watch how to solve the discoloration. But if the sparkling jewels immediately after they have begun to shine again take out of solution.

Flushes the silver then under running water, and polished it briefly with a soft cloth. The result of this simple procedure: An immaculate lights, like the first day.

In terms of storage, it is with this precious metal otherwise than with gold pieces. Keeps your silver jewelry so far as possible in a closed casket on. My tip: When traveling to alternatively offer resealable plastic bag, in which your valuable pieces are also perfectly protected from tarnishing.

So Shines Pearl Jewelry Many Years

Pearls are very delicate items, as they have in addition to mineral components also contain high levels of organic substances . For this reason, responding pearl jewelryparticularly sensitive to alkalis and soap and should therefore under no circumstances come into contact with these. Pay attention during your hairspray or perfume ever commissioned that your pearl jewelry is protected from the fine mist.

Any costs stubborn stains should be removed in any case by the skilled person.Minimum, superficial cosmetic residues you can remove yourself at home with a soft cloth however.

Cleans your pearl jewelry when possible, always immediately after wearing by your wiping it thoroughly.

This measure is particularly recommended for earrings, otherwise settle sebum on the beads, which not only tarnish the shine of the jewel, but also can lead to inflammation of the ear holes.

Because of their highly sensitive surface your pearls should always separate from other gemstones and precious metals stored since they may scratch quickly. A padded jewelry box or a soft cloth bag suitable for this purpose best.

Helpful tips for Diamond Jewelery

The striking sparkling diamond, seen in contrast to the sensitive pearl, extremely resistant and durable. So you can your diamond jewelry actually hesitation for all occasions wear, without fear of scratching or soiling the surface. But the king of the gemstones may lose some of its luster after a certain time.

The reason for this is the finest dirt particles which settle gradually on the stone. To remove this you need but not much more than an old toothbrush and soapy water.

Dipped the brush briefly in the liquor and then dressing carefully the gem. But Make sure that the soap does not affect the enclosing metal since this could start otherwise.

In this way you walk within a few minutes gently and easily all troublesome deposits.

Since the diamond is considered the hardest mineral in the world, diamond jewelry should always be stored separately if possible. Thus, the finely polished gemstones do not scratch softer precious metals like gold or silver guaranteed.