Main Features For Dome Surveillance Cameras

Many types of security cameras available on the market, more shops prefer to use security cameras of dome due to its sophisticated design, the wide range of features and durability. If you are in search of camera ideal safety and protection for your business, dome security cameras can be what you need.

Dome security cameras come in various sizes and a wide range of features. To help you make the right decision, check out the list of features we show you below to determine your requirements.

  • Waterproof and resistant to vandalism:

Dome security cameras have a cover of high-strength can protect your hardware from water, dust and any other damage. Even the Vandals or the potential attackers who want to manipulate the camera found this small cover strong and indestructible and a challenge to overcome.

  • Vision and recording of images:

Dome security cameras can include led’s IR which allows you to watch and record sequences even in the dark and the images and resulting recordings are still playing with excellent quality. Better still, some dome security cameras are also able to amplify the light levels to illuminate areas that are at one greater distance.

  • Ceiling or wall-mountable:

Another desirable feature of dome security camera is that they can be installed on wall or ceiling, that best suits your needs. Thus it has more choice of location to choose and thus increase the chances of choosing the most appropriate area for dome security camera setup.

  • Format and compression of images:

Advanced models of dome security cameras are able to automatically compress the images or videos, allowing you to save more space on the hard disk without compromising the quality of your images or videos. In addition, most dome security cameras will allow you to choose the format best suited for your images and videos.

  • External control:

Finally, a series of dome security cameras come with external controls that allow you to modify the options of zoom and focus remotely and without making other people aware of what you’re doing.

In communication and engineering technicians, we hope that these tips will help you determine the best type of camera security or surveillance system for your business or office.