Magnus Carlsen and Liv Tyler in The New G – Star Raw Campaign

The firm G-Star Raw It has just launched what will be his next campaign for fall 2010 and winter 2011. To see the new collection, signature has decided to hire a LIV Tylor and the chess player Magnus Carlsen that it will represent the male and female garments respectively. The idea of choosing them for collection is none other that convey an ideal of beauty and intelligence (men sana in corpore healthy) joint.

In addition, the fact of having chosen a player of chess as an image of his campaign not only responds to the pursuit of the ideal of intelligence in his photographic campaign, but that on September 10 in New York, G-Star will present the international chess competition ‘ The Raw World Chess Challenge’, in which will participate the maestro Magnus Carlsen and is a form of indirect promotion which is made in the campaign.

The photographer chosen to translate it into the photo shoot has been Anton Corbjin and they can see how the firm is still committed to a very cosmopolitan style, in which denim has a predominant role and clothes trying to be comfortable while they conform to the canons of the trends for the season autumn-winter 2010 / 2011.The Texas shirts, wool jackets combined with elements of leather and the Cowboys already typical of the collection, in all its forms and with different types of fabrics, prints and washed are just some of the proposals that we approach with photographs from the collection.

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