Magical Gold Chain

Yes, I went to the jewelry designer. For some time I have been looking for a fine, thin gold chain. It should be as discreet as possible and can be easily combined, but everything I’ve seen in fashion jewelry and real jewelry from has not really appealed to me. Fortunately, it is very easy to put together something for small money.

Shopping list:

  • Supporters of choice
  • Two pinch dome, it is called a pearl of two small half bowls with a hook on it (no Fädelkalotte)
  • Two small rings
  • A carabiner closure
  • A small pair of pliers or pliers, depending on what the tool box is

And of course a fine ball chain

  • Shorten the chain with the side cutter to the appropriate length.
  • Then bend a pinch cap with the tip of the pliers around the last ball of the chain.

That looks like this:

Thread the pendant to the chain before completing both degrees. Later he will not be given any more of the closures, so he can not get lost.

Place one of the two small rings in the hook on the Pinch dome (see 3.) and bend the hook.

Make the conclusion at the other end of the chain in the same way, thinking about not closing one of the two rings yet.

This is how the trades look with the rings.

Thread the small ring on the carabiner clasp into one of the two rings at the ends of the chain and bend the ring.

This is how the finished closure looks like. Keeps bombs safe.

Sparkle, sparkle. I never thought it could be that easy. Material costs were about 10 euros. I found everything I needed in the pearl market in Munich.

I built a bracelet from the rest of the bended when I cut the chain. Without trailer, with the same clasp.