Lunokhod 2: the Robot Lost Watches on the Moon

In previous posts we have spoken of Ekranoplan and GAZ 14 Limousine , symbols of the Soviet era Vostok Europe used between the nomenclatures of their watches. This week we speak the name that is the latest addition to our catalog: the Vostok Lunokhod 2 .

Lunokhod 2 was the second remote-controlled lunar vehicles built by the Soviet Union and landed on the moon on 16 January 1973. Its mission was to explore the lunar soil, photograph and record videos of the environment and study solar radiation, between other scientific evidence.

During four months the unit traveled 37 kilometers from the surface and sent to Earth 86 panoramic photographs and over 80,000 how are you:

In June 1973 it was announced that his mission was over, although suspicions that the robot actually stopped sending signals in May and he lost track rose. Despite being “sold” as a success, the robot was forgotten for decades, until a Canadian researcher tracked him 37 years later from other perches investigations. Professor Phil Stooke discovered the exact point and the route it did in the seventies.

Currently, Vostok Europe pays homage using his name for a sporty watch in limited edition.

In stylish watches you will find the four models available: