Lumia Denim: Video Shows Rich Capture On The Lumia 930

The Lumia denim update rolls out and a number of improvements to owners of Lumia smartphones. The camera app rich capture is also part of the new firmware. With faster response time and HDR options, the software should provide for better shots. WMPowerUser has made a picture on the Lumia 930 of them and recorded the whole thing on a video.

Rich capture seems to keep what it promises: fast shots with a short response time, as well as improvements in terms of HDR and automatic Flash. As WMPowerUser notes, you should expect while miracles, the new feature of the denim updates but still impressive. First, the clip demonstrates the short reaction time. The finger has barely touched the Auslösebutton, is the subject in the box. The camera software addressed itself fast recording series with rapid tapping in a row apparently without problems.

Rich Capture Is Not Always Necessary

The team under two conditions, once in the Studio, even in outdoor tests the rich capture HDR capabilities. While out there especially shots with an overcast sky, more out of a photo can be indoors using Flash to get out. The special feature of the new software is that it allows a certain amount of post-processing of the HDR effect in Flash use. The light intensity of the brightener is so infinitely variable. A photo gallery at the end, however, demonstrated that rich capture is not always necessary – the Lumia 930 shoots great pictures even without this feature, if the conditions are right.