Louboutin Shoes New Collection Nude

Seduction tools, collectibles and precious accessories? The King of the shoes, Louboutin expands its Nudes Collection with new shades and presents the line of Solasofia dancers.
Ordinary women and careers, celebrities, it-girl, actresses, models, princesses, queens. What they have in common with each other? A sole, but not any. A red sole, an unmistakable sign of a shoe, coveted and dreamed the whole female population. The man who has conceived is called Christian Louboutin and it allows one to do women any madness.

After working as a freelance designer, Louboutin opened his shop in Paris in the early 90s. Red sole for which the mark is known was invented in 1993, thanks to a company employee: Christian was hit by the red enamel that was hanging on nails and borrowed to color the sole of a new model of shoes. And so he gave life to the dream, imprisoning the imagination in those fantastic shoes with the red sole and unmistakable. Its unique footwear, artistic and lustful, soon attract women by the likes of Caroline of Monaco, one of his first customers. Madonna wore her high heels in some of his videos, helping to introduce the world to the brand and the design of shoe-wiki.

According to The New Yorker,  an American magazine, the brand sells annually more than 500,000 pairs of fabulous shoes. The cost for obtaining them can vary from almost €400 to reach even the €6,000!

The Nudes Collection di Louboutin

For many years, the shoes from nude shades were only available for white women. Louboutin was one of the first among the big fashion brands, to a affrontale this issue and create a line of heels that are matched to a greater variety of skin tones.

The Nudes Collection of Christian Louboutin, designed and on the market since 2013, always includes the cleavage Folies Pigalle and open-toe heels with Senora. The peculiarity of this collection are the shoes nude in five different shades: sand, beige, camel, caramel and earth, that perfectly match the color of the skin of the woman who wears it.

The idea came to him as a dependent on his olive skin pointed out that the only shade of beige that Louboutin had used up to that point for the style nude was not that of her skin, which was darker. In the new proposal for the spring-summer 2016 the King of shoes, introduced this style tone-even for the dancers thereby creating Solasofia, characterized by an elongated neckline that, thanks to the similarity between the nuances of the shoe and that of skin, manages to bring up the instep and the most slender leg.
from the white porcelain shades up to the warm tone of dark chocolate are seven shades inspired by the color of their skin, specially renamed, from the lightest to the darkest: Lea, Nue, Nats, Maya, Safki, Ada and Toudou. 

To present them to the world, Christian Louboutin made ​​them wear for elegant women, clad in tulle tutu beautiful and enchanting.  A romantic picture not only captures the extreme refinement, but that affects the heart directly to all the lovers of the fashion house shoes… And not only!

A Real Revolution!

This collection has received many congratulations from the world of social networks, so that was described as “revolutionary”, because it does not only take into account the needs of white women but also for women from the complexion of a more pronounced color, which very often have difficulty find shoes suitable for this beautiful nude effect. Louboutin has explained his decision to extend the range of naked.